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What are the benefits of Polished Concrete in South Carolina? 843-790-8938

Updated: Feb 4

We're often asked, "What are the benefits of Polished Concrete?" Read on and find out why:

1. Durability: Polished Concrete is extremely durable and resistant to damage. It can withstand heavy traffic and does not easily chip, scratch or dent.

2. Low Maintenance: Polished Concrete requires minimal maintenance. Regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping is all that is needed to keep it in good condition.

3. Cost-Effective: Polishing existing concrete is a great way to save money in comparison to installing new flooring. Also, the longevity of polished concrete means fewer replacement costs in the future.

4. Aesthetic Appeal: Polished Concrete can be made to look like other more expensive flooring materials, such as marble or granite. It has a high-end, modern look that can enhance any space.

5. Sustainable: Since Polished Concrete utilizes existing materials, it is considered a sustainable flooring option.

6. Increases Light Reflectivity: This benefit is particularly helpful for facilities that want to project a bright, clean and professional image. Polished concrete surfaces can actually increase the amount of light reflected in an area, therefore reducing the need for artificial lighting.

7. Versatile: It can be dyed or stained to create different color effects, and patterns can be created using scoring, stenciling, and etching techniques.

8. Slip Resistance: Despite its glossy appearance, polished concrete flooring doesn’t create a slippery surface.

9. Less Dusting: Unpolished concrete produces a fine dust that can get into everything. When the concrete is polished, this dusting is significantly reduced.

10. Allergen-Free: Unlike carpets, polished concrete does not harbor allergens such as dust mites and mold.

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