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Best Concrete Polishing Service in Columbia, SC 843-790-8938

Updated: Feb 4

For over 18 years, Dr Terrazzo Concrete PolishingSC has been transforming dusty gray slabs of concrete into beautifully polished and durable floors our clients are proud to show off.

We use cutting edge diamond grinding and polishing technology to resurface the concrete. For a full transformation of your concrete floor we offer concrete staining.

"You don't have to spend a fortune to have GREAT Concrete Floors!"

Dr. Terrazzo has been fulfilling the Concrete Floor Polishing, concrete staining, and floor resurfacing needs of our customers throughout the state of South Carolina. Over time, we've learned much and refined our skill level to where we are today! With the right knowledge, process and top of the line polishing equipment/supplies, you will be surprised what we can do with your concrete floors. Please check out just a few of our completed projects here, and should you need more, just let us know!

Call Dr Terrazzo today for a free estimate at 843-790-8938. We are here for you 7 days a week to answer any of your questions and to get you on our schedule.

If you're looking for  Concrete Polishing in Columbia, Check out Dr Terrazzo's Facebook page here for great before and after pictures, as well as information on our Concrete Polishing Service in South Carolina.

Also, please visit our website here, for even more great information!


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